Cooperation agreements


Al-Hussein Bin Talal University has signed several exchanges with various international universities through the Erasmus + / International Credit Mobility ICM program, which is funded by the European Union. The students will benefit from   Erasmus + exchange grants a scholarship at partner universities to study for one semester, developing their abilities, enhancing their skills, advancing their knowledge, enhancing their academic and scientific achievement, and refining their personalities.

The program also provides opportunities for faculty members and administrative staff at the university to teach and train for periods ranging from one to two weeks in partner universities. In return, the university receives several international faculty members to teach in the various university programs, which contributes to building capacities and supporting the academic and research process, providing support for projects, facilitating the exchange of professors for the purposes of training, research and supervision, and modernizing education, training and leadership systems.

Al-Hussein Bin Talal University has gained good experience in managing exchange programs through its participation in exchange programs. This experience makes the university aware of the responsibilities, obligations, and rules arising from such programs. It has also contributed to opening communication channels, extending cooperation in all fields, building strategic partnerships, investing in opportunities that push it towards globalization, and achieving excellence and competitiveness.