Admission requirements and required documents

The required documents:


Two certified copies of the certificate of secondary certificate (Tawhidi) or equivalent.

Two certified copies of the bachelor's degree certificate.

Two certified copies of the diploma (if any).

Two certified copies of the marks of academic years in the bachelor's and diploma.

University marks system for non-Jordanian university graduates.

Equivalent to a certificate approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for certificates issued by foreign universities and official Arabic.

A document showing that the student has received the national exam mark which qualifies him to apply for the required specialization. The examination period should not exceed two years. If the student obtains any other document related to the English language exam, it will be approved by the accreditation body.

Two personal photographs measuring (4 × 6).

 Two certified copies of the birth certificate with the national number.

Two certified copies of the Civil Status ID.

Two certified copies of the science service book for males.

 No objection to students who work in official or government institutions or any other organization that requires their members to obtain the prior approval of the study.

 Written approval issued by the authorized body stating that the study of the holder is not objectionable for the members of the Jordanian Armed Forces and the security services.

 A receipt of (15) fifteen Dinars payable to the Department of Finance at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University for each application for the Master's degree program.


Students can view the results of the equivalent English language exam at the following link