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Head of Department
Dr. Ahmad A. Salah
  Communication Engineering Department. The Department of communication engineering will provide programs of the highest quality to produce world class engineers who can address challenges of the new millennium. The Department has initiated an B.Sc. program in 2003 in response to ​​the market needs. The B.Sc. degree is awarded after successful completion of 160 credit hours in addition to practical training of not less than 8 weeks. The Department of Communication Engineering will dedicate it to providing its students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow its graduates to succeed as engineers and leaders, maintaining a vital state-of-the-art research, which provides its students and faculty with opportunities to create, interpret...
Faculty Members
Prof. Zouhair Jamil Al-Qudah
Prof Saleh Suleman Saraireh
Associate Professor
د. سعود غسان عبد الكريم الذنيبات

Associate Professor
د. وائل حسن محمد السوالمة

Associate Professor
د. خالد محمود دوينع متروك

Assistant Professor
د. عامر محمد علي ابوالعيش
م. صدام قسيم محمد نبهان