About us

 Dear visitor, the Faculty of Law at Al Hussein Bin Talal University sends you all the greetings and respect. We highly appreciate your access to our distinguished website.


The Faculty of Law at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University was established in 2017 to help in drawing up the clear goals of the university as well as its future legal, scientific, and professional policies, that are based on the need for graduates of law with the message of truth, justice and moderation. Our graduates are prepared to contribute to creating the necessary legal environments for development and creativity.
The faculty members are well-qualified and have scientific and professional experience in different branches of law. They are armed with the belief that 'All are equal before the law' and 'Truth never has two versions and justice never has two paths'.
The faculty of Law seeks to involve students in various activities that are related to law and its applications through training courses, scientific seminars and field visits to the courts in Ma'an governorate ,  and other governorates of Jordan. Thus, the faculty of Law is one of the faculties at the forefront of teaching law and its applications.
Students of law, I would like to tell that you will be well-qualified to enter the world of law. In the near future, you are going to be a lawyer defending the rights of people,  a court judge sitting on the bench, a member of teaching staff at a university,  a member of administration staff in a ministry or a private institution, or an employee in a legal department in a particular ministry. Do not fear unemployment as long as you have the law degree along with wisdom and perspective.
Finally, The Faculty of Law at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University will not hesitate to provide assistance and follow-up to its students even after graduation. It will also provide legal advice to those who request it from the public and private sectors, and will extend this service to the local community.
Dean of the Faculty of Law 
Dr. Mohamed El - Halalat