About us

 Welcome to the Faculty of Information Technology at Al Hussein Bin Talal University.

The College continues to flourish with its distinguished disciplines and programs in various fields of information technology. The College has three academic departments: Computer Science, Software Engineering and Computer Information Systems.
These distinguished disciplines are supported by highly qualified academic staff and faculty members who have received their PhD and Master's degrees from prestigious international universities.
Since its inception, the university has been providing specialized teaching staff. It has sent a group of students to Western universities to obtain master's and doctorate degrees in the fields of knowledge of the materials offered at the college.
The College is keen to graduate students with abilities and skills commensurate with the local and regional market, where the College adopts the international quality standards to achieve and provide the ideal environment for science and knowledge.
The College is keen to communicate continuously with the public and private institutions in Jordan through training the graduate students from the college in these institutions, in order to strengthen relations between these institutions and our students and to spread the benefit to all.
The College of Information Technology College wishes its students a successful and optimistic university life as they begin a new phase in their educational journey, and invite them to persevere and perseverance and to be keen on learning and perseverance and to benefit from their specialized cadres and laboratories equipped with internet service. They are committed to the best ethics, self-reliance, responsibility and commitment to the College's instructions and the preservation of their property. Students are urged to clean and maintain the facilities of the college. It works to provide students with everything they need to facilitate their affairs school.
We wish all success and prosperity to our society and all the progress and prosperity under the leader of the march, His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein.
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