About the Deanship

My sons and daughters students, I am pleased to be among you the Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Most Valuable Men, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, which is the first beacon of knowledge during the reign of my master, King Abdullah II, the Great Aba Al-Hussein, and I am honored to serve you all. The Deanship of Student Affairs takes care and attention of the university student’s life outside the classroom, and prepares programs aimed at personal development and helping him to overcome any obstacles facing his academic career in order to achieve the university’s mission. The organizational structure of the Deanship includes offices and departments to ensure the achievement of the set goals in the fields of student services, clubs, artistic, cultural and sports activities, and student guidance in its psychological and humanitarian aspects. The Deanship also focuses on paying attention to international students, and the Department of Internal Housing provides a safe environment for female students studying at the university throughout their stay away from their families for the purpose of study. There is an office of the King Abdullah Fund for Development, Guidance and Professions, which provides various rehabilitation and training courses for students. In this context, I invite you to follow up on the activities of the Deanship of Student Affairs and to engage in them and follow them up in all fields.