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Dr. Omar Al-Khateeb


The Services & Maintenance Unit is charged with various important roles meant to meet the needs of the university staff & students. To this end, 230 employees have been recruited so as to perform the job duties in a timely manner.

The objectives of the Services & Maintenance Unit are as follows:

  •  Developing the spirit of belonging to the university via the development of the performance of its employees so as to provide the best services to the university staff & students

  • Developing the spirit of self-innovation, the capacity to planning, and assuming responsibility.

  • Encouraging the unit staff to act transparently and accomplish the tasks assigned to each department with all the accuracy and honesty.
  • Avoiding the routine as much as possible.

  • Developing the performance of the workers and sharpen their skills via continuous training and participation in specialized courses.

  • Highlighting the role of the university in contributing to the development of the local community through participating in all required activities.

  • Developing procedural and operational plans to achieve the objectives and the strategies of the unit work and to facilitate its tasks.

  • Providing all the deanships, colleges, departments, units, and centers of the university with all services and maintenance works they need in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations of the university.

  • Providing opinions and advice to all departments in the university.