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In addition to the Office of the Director and the Divan, the unit consists of two departments.

1.General Services Department

This Department consists of 4 Divisions

  • Division of Nutrition The Division aims to provide students & staff with most nutritious meals at competitive prices.
  •  Division of Hygiene & Housing: The Division is concerned with all the cleaning of offices, buildings, grounds, & squares of the university. As for this Division, the University signed an agreement with a company in a way that both the university and the company staff can cooperate to do the cleaning works and following up all the matters of housing.

  • Division of Agriculture :The Division is dedicated to greening all the allocated areas with trees, bushes and other plants

  • Division of Transport :This Division provides transportation for all official trips countrywide. It also offers the transport of supplies, equipment, and roaming maintenance and security teams. This Division also follows up the procedures of maintenance and licensing of vehicles as needed.

2.Department of Maintenance

This Department consists of 3 Divisions:

  • Division of Civil Works: this division carries out the construction works, carpentry, painting works, & building of walls and fences. It also provides maintenance works for the dorms, and all other buildings.

  • Division of Mechanical Works: this division carries out the works and maintenance of heating; air conditioning and water networking; as well as the works of forging and welding in the campus, dorms, and the old site’s facilities. The division also operates the purification plant and water pumps

  •  Division of Electricity and Communications: this division consists of two section
    • Electricity Section: this division is dedicated to carry out the works of electrical lines, lighting and maintenance in all facilities.
    • Communications Section: this division carries out the works of connecting telephone lines for all university facilities as well as checking invoices and repairing breakdowns.