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Admission & Registration Unit is responsible for the implementation of the university policies and regulations. The Unit places service to students and faculty among its top priorities.
The unit consists of three Departments

  • Admission Department
  • Registration Department
  • Documents Department
  • Admission Department:
    • Admission Department is responsible for the admission, re-admission, and transfer of undergraduate national and international applicants. The Admissions Office is measured on its ability to:

    • Receive applications and announcing admission results.

    • Implement admission regulations and administrative procedures.

    • Maintain timely and accurate admission records while maintaining the privacy and security of those records.

    • Issue admission letters.

  • Registration Department: Registration Department is responsible for:
    • Keeping all student records (past and present), including: maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the record, protecting student data, and upholding & implementing academic policy.
    • Offering Course catalogues in cooperation with the faculties & departments
    • Preparing the Registration and final examination Schedules.
    • Preparing the Registration Instructions.
    • Preparing Schedule of Classes.
    • Conducting Student Registration & Drop/Add processes.
    • Receiving course equivalence requests and forwarding them to the authorization in charge.

  •  Documents Dept.: Decuments Department is responsible for:
    • Issuing students' transcripts and certificates.
    • Verifying the authenticity of the issued documents.
    • Insures the security of the students' records.
    • Verifying students' records.
    • Insure the validity of the procedures followed by the registrar concerning the calculating of student's averages.
    • Verifying that the entered grades are correct and match the manual official documents.