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 Abdullah Al-Maharmah
Planing, Information & Quality Unit


The Unit was established per University Council decision No (12/2015) date 15/5/2015, the unit aims to contribute effectively in enabling the university to achieve its mission and objectives through the adoption of Total Quality Management (TQM) Principles in all academic, administrative and financial processes. Develop indicators to measure and evaluate performance as well as the development and implementation of plans and programs of study that ensure the achievement of highest level of performance, productivity and self-correction in the educational, administrative, organizational and technical fields. As well as to maximize the utilization of the knowledge and experience accumulated at the university and its educational and administrative units in order to meet the national and international academic accreditation standards and requirements (engineering disciplines) and maintained it in accordance with the highest local and international quality standards which enhances the competitiveness edge of all the university faculties and units.

To ensure the achievement of unit’s mission and objectives, the unit includes the following departments:


- Department of Accreditation and Quality Assurance

- Department of Planning, Information and Documentation

Quality Assurance at AHU ( download the file)
Institutional Strategic Plan
Internationalization Strategy

EQuAM Project