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The Unit's Achievements
  • Completion of the Strategic Plan for Quality Assurance (SPQA) in the university for the Years 2015-2019.
  • Completion the preparation of the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) for 2015.
  • Preparation of the strategic plan for the development and improvement of performance and programs for the years 2015-2019.
  • Prepare the Annual Report for the academic year 2013 - 2014, containing all the activities of the university in the education, administrative and financial fields, services and infrastructure.
  • Completion the preparation of Quality Assurance System at the university for 2015 in Arabic and English languages and published on the university's website to provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to read it.
  • Prepare requests for all of the new Bachelor and Master programs at the university and followed them up until they were approved by concerned authorities.
  • Follow-up all the old and new programs of study accreditation requirements.
  • Supervising all levels of university Efficiency Examination for all university students expected to graduate each semester, the levels are (General, Intermediate and Micro) and the preparation of reports and statistics required to be discussed by the Council of Deans about the exam’s results.
  • Prepare brochures and presentations to spread quality culture among university staff.
  • Actively participate in the European TEMPUS program through the EQuAM project which aims to guarantee the strengthening of quality management in the public and private Jordanian universities.
  • Prepare database that includes information on the university students and faculty members, staff, buildings, community services, statistical tables, and forms for the preparation of the required reports.
  • Prepare questionnaires to start a number of studies on academic, administrative processes and students to measure the extent of stakeholder’s satisfaction about these services.