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Mr. Khalil Eliady


Department of supply is responsible for purchasing, receiving, and recording of all AHU assets. It has the following sections: section of purchasing, section of stores, section of stock monitoring, section of auditing and monitoring, and section of supply.


To minimize losses caused by the inefficient allocation of AHU resources and to ensure that AHU management always has the necessary requirements and information to run it efficiently.


 To supply AHU faculties and departments with the necessary equipments, furniture, and tools in order to enable Al-Hussein Bin Talal University (AHU) to fulfil its mission and objectives in the most effective way.


  • To supply AHU university departments and faculties with its needs of equipments, furniture, stationary, and tools.
  • To provide the department of maintenance with the necessary spare parts for corrective and preventive maintenance of these equipments in order to keep them running at their highest efficiency.
  • To keep a record of the current and possible suppliers of equipments, furniture, stationary, and tools, and to make this record available for the management of AHU departments and faculties.
  • To keep an update record of AHU assets showing their numbers, places, values and date of purchase.
  • To keep a sufficient amount of some critical stock in the department of supply stores such as maintenance spare parts, stationary etc.

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