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Mr. Adnan Qabbaa
Bachelor in Civil Engineering


Pojects and Engineering Department was established in the month of january 2002.
Department's Vision ,Mission and Objectives:
Building a comprehensive university in terms of infrastructure, buildings, and develop and carry out the tasks and duties of engineering the following:

  • Execution project for the University.

  • Supervising the work done by contractors, and monitor their implementation either directly by the department or in conjunction with other contractors or consultants.

  • Examination of works for the University and received either directly by the department, or in conjunction with the consultants.

  • Preservation of the documents, charts and maps of land and buildings and facilities and the university works.

  • Submission of proposals and technical recommendations and implementation programs to go in the implementation of the plan construction strategy and accredited university, as well as the Chamber scrutiny and processing of studies, designs and tender documents and follow up on bidding construction, supervision and follow up all matters related thereto either by department or office and consulting firms.


Contacts Info.:

Tel: 962-3-2179000 Ext. 8260
Fax: 962-3-2179051