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Mr. Abdullah Al-Maharmah
Director of Planing & Quality Management Department


    AHU experience to employ strategic planning in developing its own (Quality Management System) is considered a pioneer experience among Jordanian Universities, because relevant studies have shown that the development of quality management system would require sound thinking, effective planning and deep judgment of decision-making at different levels. The process needs also developing short and long ranges objectives with action plans which show how to achieve them through active participation from AHU faculty members and staff.

     Planning and Quality Management Dept. was established per University Council decision in their session number (5/2004) on Wednesday, the 24/11/2004. The decision stated the establishing of a new department at the University named (Planning and Quality Management Dept.) has three sections; they are Quality Mgmt. Section, Information Section and Planning & Statistics Section.

Departments Mission:
The Planning and Quality Management Department (P&QAD) mission is a part of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University main mission on quality assurance which aims at achieving the highest level of quality in education and administrative fields. The Department is directly linked to the University President in order to carry out his visions on quality issues which aim to developing and integrating the latest quality standards and criteria on all the university colleges / units operations and activities.


  • Achieving sustainable excellence and quality in education and learning processes through elevating the quality of the followings:
       -Faculty members.
       -Teaching methodolgies.
       -Student's evaluation.
       -Learning resources.
       -Technological environment.

  • Suggesting reconciliation policies between HE outputs and the labor market demands in order to elevate and equipped the graduates with all required capabilities and skills.
  • Conducting periodic Self- Assessment process to measure the extent of the success achieved and to improve performance in accordance with the agreed upon QA standards.
  • Coordinating the efforts to develop policies and standards for the scientific research projects to promote and enhance research outputs throughout the university colleges and units.
  • Coordinating the efforts to develop policies and standards for the community services to improve people’s life qualities and to maintain sustainable development.
  • Establishing Databank that stores data about all the university colleges, units and students.
  • Developing a (Strategic QA Plan) which adopt national and international quality standards and criteria and chart a long term course of action for the integration of quality assurance into all education and learning processes.
  • Preparing (Self-Assessment) standards and procedures to assist colleges and units in conducting this vital process.
  • Conducting awareness campaign at the university to develop quality culture and blends it with the education and administrative processes to develop and enhance the right performance and good practice.
  • Establishing networks to exchange expertise with national and international organizations that are concerned with applying quality assurance standards

Quality Assurance at AHU  ( download the file)

EQuAM Project

-Quality Management Section.
-Information Section.
-Planning & Statistics Section.

Contacts Info.:

Tel: 962-3-2179000 Ext. 8278
Fax: 962-3-2179050