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Dr. Theeb Al- Rawwad


The Department of Personnel establishment came in sync with the early establishment of the Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, 1999. The Dept's philosophy is to implementation the university policies related to the provision of human resources of academic, administrative, and technical personnel and follow-up actions and administrative procedures regarding personnel at the university and provide services related to health insurance, social security and life insurance for them and follow their own affairs for the duration of their work in the university in accordance with the laws and regulations of the university.

The Department exercise its work through a developed computer system that helps ease access to information regarding personnel at the university with speed and high accuracy to make this information available to stakeholders and in collaboration with skilled programmers in the Computer Center of the university. The Dept. to keep abreast of developments and the up-grading of its software according to the most recent software available.

The Department is building a strategic plan for its future cooperation with relevant institutions in the management of human resources in an effort to advance the services provided to match the slogan of the university, "We seek excellence."