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Be on the frontiers in engineering education and research. 


Our mission is to provide the students with the fundamentals of engineering through a concrete education that will prepare them for immediate entry into engineering profession or pursue their research and graduate studies, maintain a team of faculty who are committed to provide a high quality teaching and research, and train the students for the challenges of establishing a successful, diversified career in the rapidly changing professional environment.

  1. Inspire creativity in thinking and skills in independent and open -ended engineering problem solving to assist industry in meeting daily challenges.
  2. develop a responsible professional with a sense of social awareness.
  3. promote excellence in oral and written presentation skills. Provide proficiency in basic science and engineering skills, and provide real-world experiences through training, workshops, field trips to operations through the country,
  4. interact with the industry sectors in order to understand their needs, trying to solve their problems, and give a practical feedback to our student, and
  5. prepare a generation of engineers that are able interact individually as well as in team to solve engineering challenges.