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Dr Saud Althunibat
PhD in Telecommunications Engineering

In order to satisfy the persistent and increasing demands for specializing in Telecommunication Engineering, Al- Hussein bin Talal University established the Department of Telecommunication Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering in 2008, and accepted its first class in the Academic Year 2008/2009. Currently, the Department has four faculty members and has one undergraduate program that grants a B.Sc. degree in Telecommunication Engineering.

With its new 160-credit hour B.Sc. program, students accumulate significant background in circuits theory, electronics, networks, communication systems, Electromagnetic theory, Signals and Systems, Microwaves and Antenna, Machine and Power Systems and control Systems. The Department's laboratories cover various sub-specializations of the broad field of Electrical Engineering. These laboratories include: Analog and Digital Communications, Circuits, Digital Electronics, Digital Logic design, Control, Microwave and Antenna, Mobile and Wireless Communications, Device and measurements, Communication Electronics, Networks and    Final-year graduate projects Laboratories.

The Department curriculum provides a great opportunity for local and international students to specialize in Telecommunication Engineering. Telecommunication Engineering students would graduate with excellent knowledge in Communication Systems. Both teaching and research activities in Telecommunication Engineering would benefit to a great extent with the availability of state-of-the-art equipment. Modern technologies require the use of Communication Systems in various forms. Graduate students specialized in Telecommunication Engineering would provide the necessary human resources to satisfy the local and international demands.