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the Department of Biology at Al Hussein Bin Talal University will provide apportunities for personal and professional development to students, faculty, staff, abd the broader university community through exellence in teaching, research, and local community of especially the southern part of jordan service.


The Department of Biology at Al Hussein Bin Talal University provides education in the life sciences for students through its faculty and facilities.Additionally, the department provides arigorous and challenging program fot our students to provide students with strong background in the feild of Biological Sciences.
In cooperation with local agencies the department is also organise and establish workshops on topic of interest for local communities such as medical and health issues. Moreover, the department is engaged in scientific research in different feild of biology such as desertification, medicinal plant and biodiversity in addition to basic feilds such as genetics and molecular biology.  


GOAL 1:   To maintain and enhance the integrity of existing undergraduate programs in biology
Objective 1.1: To increase equipment and supplies.  Our teaching laboratories still substantially behind what a science department needs to provide a quality program.

Strategy 1.2: Establish cost-based funding mechanisms such as laboratory/instructional fees for equipment, instruments and supplies tailored to meet the needs of specific courses such as Genetics and Molecular Biology.
Strategy 1.3: To reduce class sizes. 
Strategy 1.4: New faculty will be requested to enable us to reduce class sizes and implement more experiential activities in the classroom.
Strategy 1.5:  Review curriculum to keep it current and forward looking

GOAL 2:   To provide an environment for research

Objective 2.1:  To improve facilities for research
Objective 2.2:  Improve Equipment/Instrumentation for research.
Objective 2.3 Organise and attendance of Conferences/Workshops, Public Lectures, Forums

Strategy 2.2: We will focus on collaborative requests to the University and outside funding agencies to acquire these needed additions.

Goal.2: Improve Research Productivity

  • Increase research funding.
  • Increase number of proposals.
  • Increase number and level of conference attended.
  • Maintain and increase the number and quality of publications.
  • Increase opportunities for undergraduate research.
  • Introduce new MS program.


  • Obtain funds for research equipment.
  • Obtain support for scientific conferences.
  • Encourage for increasing writing proposals and get funds.
  • Employ new faculty members to decrease the teaching load.
  • Encourage team work.
  • Visit different places like companies to obtain funds.
  • Increase faculty member and students presentations number and quality.
  • Encourage faculty for sponsor undergraduate research.
  • Create departmental awards for student research activities.

Goal.3: Collaborative Research

  • Continue and expand existing collaborations with group outside AHU.
  • Create new collaboration with the department inside the science faculty in the AHU and the department outside the faculty in AHU.
  • Increase the numbers of projects and output from collaborative research



  • Provide motivation to faculty to start new collaboration outside AHU.
  • Facilitated visit of collaborators from and to HU.
  • Seek funds from the university and outside to support visitors.

    Goal.4: Support the Community

    • Increase participation in science related activities for community.
    • Expand the existing interaction with high school physics teachers.
    • Continue to sponsor workshops for high school teachers.


    • Provide motivation for faculty to become involved in the community.
    • Encourage faculty and student involvement in teacher training projects.
    • Give extra credit in courses for student involvement in targeted projects.

    Goal.5: Support from the Community

    • Seek funds from the community.


    • Establish new communications with the companies to get funds for related projects and research.
    • Visit the companies in the surrounding area to seek the fund and establish new relationships.