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Upgrading the specialization of radiography to be distinct in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan according to the local and international accreditation standards .


Preparing scientific and qualified technical staff able to deal with patients with high quality using the latest scientific methods, and advanced medical imaging modalities.   

Supplying the local market and neighboring Arab countries with trained cadres able to deal with different cases and imaging all the organs of the human body using the latest medical imaging modalities .

Provide the local research centers with qualified cadres able to help in the scientific research .


Review the strategic plan periodically and regularly based on the need of the local market.

Working on the development of curriculum  according to the scientific development and its conformity with the accreditation standards, both locally and internationally.   

Provide the latest textbooks in the library of the department and library of the Al-Hussein Bin Talal University and use of modern means of the process of education, including the Internet.    

Graduation of qualified technical staff in the field of specialty of radiography able to imaging all the organs of the body using: Modern Conventional and Digital Diagnostic X-ray Systems, Fluoroscopy, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and Mammography.