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Course Name:

Critical Care Nursing Clinical

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide nursing students with the skills required to care competently and safely for critically ill patient. It focuses on having the students expand their knowledge base and master critical care nursing psychomotor skills associated with assessment and provision of comprehensive nursing care for patients with acute life threatening conditions and attitudes through reflection in and on actions in clinical settings. It also focuses on the application of immediate rapid and accurate nursing assessment and provision of quality nursing care according to priorities. It enable the students to provide comprehensive quality nursing care for critically ill patients with different body system alterations, with different types of invasive devices and with different types of machines encountered in critical care settings and to understand the critical care environment in which practice occurs in order to provide care for the critically ill patients in the different critical care settings. Nursing process is used as an approach of providing holistic patient care .Critical thinking, clinical judgment, decision making and team work are emphasized in this course.