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Course Name:

Critical Care Nursing - Theory

Course Description:

This course focuses on the principles of critical care nursing practice. It aims to explaining the knowledge necessary for students to practice in different types of critical care area. It explains the advanced scientific knowledge that moves beyond fundamental techniques in the provision of care for patients in the critical care environment. It is designed to assist students in understanding the nature of critical care nursing and role of nurse in meeting the different needs of critically ill patient with the different acute and life threatening conditions. Knowledge generated all through this course enables students to collaborate in the provision of a comprehensive management to patients who are admitted to the critical care settings and their families and to identify the major system organ alterations that nurses frequently encounter in critical illnesses. Critical thinking and problem solving are also emphasized in performing nursing assessment and prioritizing patient‘s need and nursing interventions as students experience decision making when they engage in group discussion to solve clinical situation prepared based on each topic in the course. This course adopts the principle of flexible learning strategy in that videos and handouts are available for students to use whenever they are willing. In addition, problem-based learning through exposing students to issues like case scenarios, progressive case analysis, and clinical judgment using both classroom- and simulator-based scenarios are all used to enhance clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills among students.