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Dr. Mohammad Abuhlaleh
Assistant Professor

Welcome to the Software Engineering Department page.

Software Engineering is a modern major among IT majors. This major developed according to the market demands regarding the need of creation of an integrated software which have a solid base and have the ability to overcome the challenges of the new information technology era.

All these needs made the Software Engineering major an essential major. This major starts in the IT departments in 2006 with the existence of Computer Science Department and Computer Information Systems Department with a company of qualified and distinguished staff and faculties. The development of this major depends mainly on the courses plan which is created depending on the market needs and the new available technologies in order to compete with other universities.

The student needs to pass 132 credit hours courses to earn the B.S degree in Software Engineering. The courses are distributed as the following: 27 credit hours as university requirements, 25 credit hours as college requirements, and 77 credit hours as department requirements. This courses plan contains special courses about Software Engineering like: software design, software engineering, software operating and maintenance, and other related courses which cover about 30% of the total courses. About 50% of the total courses fit in the Information Technology Filed in order to provide the student with a solid background of the IT sciences. The rest of the courses focus on the student general knowledge to give him the ability to think and to socialize with other colleges.    

The main mission of Software Engineering major is to produce student’s generation who is capable of competing with other students in the same field and who has the power to participate in making the future.