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Dr. Muder Almiani
Ph.D in Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Information Systems (CIS) is one of the most important fields in information and computer technology. CIS is considered a bridge between computer science specializations and organizational and administrative fields, whereby a student gains knowledge and acquires skills necessary to analyzing, designing, developing and operating information systems and utilizing them in any type of public or private organizations.
CIS offers in-demand degrees that provide numerous internship and job opportunities. Our small class sizes and state-of-the art technology provide a better hands-on experience, and an education that prepares you for the real world. Plus, our dedicated faculty and staff are geared to help you achieve your goals.
 CIS Department offers a broad variety of interesting courses, from general overview to special skills, from business applications to programming tools, from productivity software to cutting edge developing environments. CIS Department was established in 2004. The Department offer a  Bachelor degree of Science in Computer Information Systems . Currently, there are 10 faculty members working for the Department (4 Ph.D. and 6 M.S. Holders), Hundreds of students have graduated from the CIS Department in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.