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Department of Civil Engineering aims at becoming a leading and active center of Civil Engineering science at both national and international levels. The department also seeks excellence in teaching, research and public services


The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering stems from AHU mission, which aims at providing a high quality educational, professional, and intellectual experience that enables students, faculty, and staff to contribute to society through teaching, research, practice and service.



Upon graduation, our students are expected to be able to:

*   Apply the theoretical knowledge that they have acquired in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering in their future engineering careers.

* Design and perform data analysis tests related to civil and environmental engineering.

* Design systems that are able to perform the desired goals in their jobs.

* Identify and analyze civil and environmental problems and provide appropriate solutions for them.

* Work individually and/or with groups of multiple-specializations.

* Understand their professional and ethical responsibilities, and anticipate the duties that they have to perform.

* Possess strong written and oral communication skills in Arabic and English.

* Understand the impact of the engineering solutions on the community and the world.

* Acknowledge the necessity of the continuing education and personal and professional development.

* Aware of the contemporary engineering issues.

* Use the modern engineering tools, skills and techniques in their careers.