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Our Vision is to be a dynamic department with excellent academic program, and to achieve national and international recognition through the educational and research achievements and the professional service of our department, staff and students.


The mission of the chemical engineering bachelor program at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University is to prepare student for employment in various chemical engineering related areas and/ or for the pursuit of advanced degree in chemical engineering by providing them with quality, vigorous, intellectual engineering education


Educational objectives

The objectives of the chemical engineering program are to produce graduates who :

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply mathematics, engineering principles, computer skills, and natural sciences to chemical engineering practice
  • Are capable of synthesizing principles and techniques from engineering, mathematics, engineering planning and project management, and the natural and social sciences to develop and evaluate alternative design solutions to engineering problems with specific constraints
  • Are prepared for entry into careers in chemical engineering in the diverse areas including petrochemical and petroleum refining, bioengineering, plastic manufacturing, food processing, and water treatment .
  • Are prepared to pursue graduate education and research in chemical engineering at major research universities
  • Exercise professional responsibility and sensitivity to a broad range of social concerns, such as ethical, environmental, economical, regulatory, and global issues.