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Dr.Rema Abo Omar

The department of Special Education had been established by the decision of the Board of Higher Education Number (630) date 18/1/2004. The teaching in the department began at the first semester of the academic year 2005/2006, and the department includes (10) faculty members who hold a doctorate degree in Special Education, counseling, and educational psychology, and (3) teachers of the campaign master's degree in Special Education and speech-Language Pathology.

The  study plan consists of (132) credit hours up to grant bachelor's degree in special education, and study plan consists of (24) credit hours up to grant a vocational diploma in learning difficulties. The department aims to produce qualified graduates to deal with children with special needs, and provide the community with members having a strong desire to assist and rehabilitation the members with special needs. The Department is keen to provide education and counseling programs for members with special needs and their families, and introduce them with the causes of disability and the importance of detection and early intervention, and how to deal with persons with disabilities.

The philosophy of the department depends on the following principles:

1. The members with special needs have the capacity and potential and should be developed and invested.

2. The members with special needs have the right to merge in the society which they live in  to be actors in it.