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From the faith placed on the role of universities and institutions of higher education in the era of globalization and the challenges of the explosion of knowledge and system threat to religious and national values ??that characterize the Jordanian society ,  The department of  materials requirements strives to build the integrated personality of the  university student.

    In addition to what the student receives from the knowledge and skills the department of  requirements of the Materials  is working to strengthen the student's  university  emotional and sentimental side of his personality through his pride in his religion and his country and his affiliation to the Arab nation proudly with the  Hashemite leadership. This can be achieved above  through the material presented by the department (the Islamic culture, civic education, military science, history of Arab and Islamic civilization, the principles of physical education, Biography of the Prophet, the history of Jerusalem, geographically of the Arab world, geographically Jordan), where the department  keens  that  the students integrates in these courses in  effective manner based on dialogue and collective responsibility and individual ones and stimulate different thinking skills.


Development of Jordanian Arab-Islamic  personality in its curriculum and refine the personality of Jordanian so that it is a useful and positive, creative and patient, within his family and small society,  and the World society to be opened to the world's civilizations affects and is affected by whatever he received, guidance and education and guidance of an administrator. In order to prepare himself; good brick to  build country and his nation and the world.