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Dr.Habes Alzboun
PhD in Measurement and Evaluation

In the name of Allah

All our praise are for Allah ,the glorious. the compassionate, Mohammad the  messenger “blessing be upon him”

Curriculum and instruction department at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University was .established in 1999 .It is considered as a large academic faculty which offers the following academic degrees .

*B.A  degree in:

- class teacher

- kindergarten

* Diploma in  education   

For Bachelor students, the department offers a set  of subject materials relating to curricula and instruction , in addition to supervising  teaching practice students.

Our department is looking forward to maintaining a new master programmer in curriculum and instruction  as well as the  parallel -tuition  program in all other fields . The faculty ,also, is seeking to establish new multi – disciplinary  courses to keep up with   the demand of development, and workplace by providing competent teachers in a variety of fields .

 The   department consists of 23 professors and instructors  .It has a contribution in providing both university and  local community with different  social services . That is, it aims at supporting local residents educationally socially and economically  throughout conferences seminars and  lectures held by members of faculty.

The academic professors also participle in supervision ,  committees and jury’s judgment  on a number of  M.A  thesis and  PhDs    dissertations  in a number of   universities in Jordan

The department finally is looking forward to enriching the academic staff’s experiences and performance by  organizing various training courses in the field .


May Allah Bless  All of us


Head of curriculum and instruction department