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The vision of the department is to be leading -nationally and regionally - in the development and delivery of innovative economic education, research and professional services that meet the needs of students, their families, the local economy in the city of Ma'an and the Jordanian economy as a whole.


The mission of the division goes in parallel with the mission of the College of Business Administration and Economics at the university. The mission is based on a quest to contribute to the development of education and the harmonization of graduated students with the labor market and the message of the Jordanian state at all levels. This includes keeping pace and apply the latest principles and tools and methods of higher education in the filed of economics.


1. To scientifically prepare personnel in the field of Economics and qualify them for the job market and for graduate studies in Economics.

2. To develop the capacity of the students to understand the fundamental economic concepts and apply these concepts in decision-making at the personal level and in business and public policy.

3. To develop the skills of students, especially with respect to extraction, interpretation and analysis of data for economic variables in both the private and the public sectors. This includes skills in methods of presenting economic data and relations graphically and mathematically.