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The department of History and Geography

The department offers two degrees: Ba. In History, or Ba. In Geography.

History and Geography majors were established under one department since the beginning of the academic year 2013/2014 due to the shortage of these two majors in the southern governorates of Jordan.

Graduates of these two majors are expected to find jobs in teaching sectors.

 Until the end of the spring semester 2014,(26) History students and (154) Geography students have been joining the department.

  A History or Geography student is expected to study (12) credit hours as university requirements, and (15) hours of university electives. In addition to (15) hours of college requirement, and (6) hours of collage elective. Required courses of the major include (72) hours, in addition to (9) elective hours. The student is expected to finish (132) total hours for graduation.

Programs focus on theoretical as well as applied skills. Technical skills are also of a great concern of the department, especially in GIS and Remote Sensing application. A computer lab is under construction, it will be supplied with necessary programs and photogrammetry equipments.



Strategic Goals:

1. developing academic programs to an advanced level in accordance to employment needs.

2.A good teaching quality attached to application projects.

3. Supporting students with skills which are adequate to the needs of employment sectors.

4. Establishing real partnerships with governmental and private sectors in order to introduce environmental issues and suggest suitable solutions.

5. Developing scientific research in History and Geography.