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The Department has set certain visions for the future that should help the program develop and compete with its international peers. The Department is tackling and monitoring local and international developments and is getting ready to unleash all possible resources towards hitting its target within the coming five years by increasing the number of admitted students to the B.A. degree to 150 per year, increasing the number of language labs, and establishing a graduate program.


The fundamental mission of the Department is to develop students' language skills and to enhance their critical thinking, reading, writing, and creative abilities through the study of various linguistic and literary texts in English. Such a mission comes in response to the increasing worldwide interest in the English Language and Literature; and to fulfill the university’s mission to provide high quality research, education and training for students, researchers and members of the local community. The Department grants B.A. degree in English Language & Literature.


  • To help students become proficient in English as a communication tool in basic skills: Listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • To produce graduates capable of teaching English.
  • Preparing graduates with skills that qualify them to compete for jobs, such as enforcing their ability to analyze and solve problems by using modern teaching aids such as the Internet and computers.
  • Opening up communication with the outside world and introducing students to different cultures.
  • To provide students with knowledge to keep pace with developments in the modern era where knowledge occupies a special importance in the development and production.
  • To strengthen relations with cultural and educational institutions inside and outside the country.