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    Jordan, due to its unique geographical situation, has been a meeting place of many nations and cultures throughout antiquity. Jordan's heritage is extremely rich and varied spanning around a million years from the Early Acheulian to the Islamic periods. Therefore, the archaeology of Jordan has attracted a lot of attention and has been the focus of extensive research since the beginning of the last century. Jordan is deservedly called the “Open Museum” where archaeological sites, citadels, and palaces stand as testimony to the country’s rich and varied cultural heritage.
    Jordan contains one of the highest concentrations of monuments and archaeological sites in the world, which must be considered one of its principle assets. The study, interpretation and preservation of Jordan’s cultural heritage has received a great attention from the country’s authorities at the highest level. This is why the Department of Archaeology was one of the first academic departments established at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University. Being located in southern Jordan, an area that has a rich and diverse cultural heritage makes the establishment and support of a department of Archaeology a priority of the university.


    The main goal of the Department of Archaeology is the study, interpretation and protection of Jordan’s cultural heritage.
   This is achieved through the advancement of archaeological teaching and research and the promotion of an informed appreciation of the Archaeology of Jordan and beyond.


  • Providing undergraduate students with an understanding of the discipline of Archaeology and the skills that will enable them to develop a career in Archaeology and/or to proceed to postgraduate studies. They will also have the necessary skills for career moves into other areas. 
  • Providing training in the theory and practice of Archaeology, particularly in the undertaking of archaeological research. Continuing the Department's development as a centre for excellence for research on Jordan’s Archaeology with special reference to Nabatean Archaeology. 
  • Providing a series of services to the community through the provision of education and information on Archaeology