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Course Name:

Field Archaeology

Course Description:

This course Introduces the techniques and theory of field archaeology through actual excavation of selected archaeological sites and work with actual artifacts and other materials from those sites. Students will receive both lecture and hands-on instruction in the techniques and principals of archaeological field investigation. The course provides training on the following field techniques: ? Hand excavation skills including feature excavation and interpretation ? Context recording including soil identification ? Sampling procedures – typically for the extraction of environmental samples. ? Site illustration – production of accurate plans and sections. ? Environmental processing – wet and dry sieving of environmental samples and primary sorting and storing. ? Finds processing – managing the collection and storage of cultural artefacts from archaeological excavations. ? Electronic survey – set up and use of such instruments as Total stations and GPS (Global Positioning Systems) for the collection of spatial data on site. ? Drawing of archaeological sections and artifacts ? Photographic recording of features and artifacts.