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The Department of Biological Sciences at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University was established in 2004 with a passion to be one of the premier departments among peersin the southern part of Jordan. Since then, the Department of Biological Sciences  persists to achieve excellence in education, scientific research and community service. It provides labor market with competent graduates to serve in the fields of education, health and environment. Teaching was commenced with 26 students only, and increased annually to reach 250 students. The Department of Biological Sciences provides an outstanding study plan covering several knowledge areas that enable its graduate to compete in labor market. Upon successful completion of the study plan, the students are granted a Bachelor d...
Faculty Members
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د.عبدالرحمن محمد سعيد الطواها
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د. ابراهيم محمد ابراهيم الرواشدة
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د. خالد غازي ضيف الله الفندي

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د. يوسف محمود شتيوي أبو زيتون

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حمزه نعيم هنيه Hamza Hanieh
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د.سليم حمود العضايله
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د. سليمان محمد حامد النعيمات

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د.محمد حسن ابو خليل
أحمد خليل عبيد المعاقبة

محاضر متفرغ
علي محمد ابراهيم العسوفي
محاضر متفرغ
حسين علي موسى النصرات