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Department of Student's Services

     This Dept. is working hard through its subordinate sections to provide AHU students with a variety of services that meet their daily needs. The Dept are compromising of the following sections:

Students Services Section:

This section is tasked to provide students with different services, such as; issuing students IDs, Students Guidebook and related regulations that guide the students to understand their study plans and the regulations that govern their study. The Section also maintains the students’ files, distribute the students’ mail and post announcements on the bulletin boards throughout the university different colleges. The Section follows up closely the students’ social and financial needs and conducts many activities among them students’ loans and grants. The Section helps students to find suitable housing through coordination with local landlords. Also, the Section provides counseling for the students to correct their misconducts and behaviors and to plant cooperation spirit and creative thinking among them.

Alumni Section:

This section is established per Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research instruction to help AHU students and graduates to find suitable jobs. The Section maintains a database about graduates and provides their names and specialties to employers who need to employ them. The Section is trying to match between the job market and the students’ capabilities and the university outcomes.