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Strategic Plan:

Our values:

  • knowledge is power
  • Team work for a common goal
  • Clients ore our partners in progress
  • Continuant progress and change toward the best (service quality)
  • Development starts and ends with humans
  • We progress in order not to lag behind
  • We adopt innovative initiatives and appreciate innovators
  • Credibility and commitment
  • Transparency and accountability
Planning principles:
  • Sustainability in providing service:
  • Sustainability at the university level makes the human being, who is the centre of it, closely tied to the concept of high standard living which is the right of every human to enjoy the quality of living. That is, his/her rights to learn, obtain work that is compatible with his/her knowledge and scientific capabilities, live in a clean environment and to obtain products that healthy are environmental friendly, achieve a proper residence, achieve a good income, be involved in the community and play a role in reaching political decision, live in secure cities known for having variable educational and intellectual activities. It is with these factors all together, that we can talk about the concept of high quality living. Therefore, those interested in achieving this goal must get involved in through dialogue and discussion regarding sustaining development. It is through Dialogue only that an idea and its goals can attract and achieve acceptance form those with less interest.

  • Societal Responsibility:
  • The societal responsibility represented by the university's role towards local society in all its shapes and colors, is a huge responsibility. In addition to its academic significance the university does play a role in development through offering training programs, seminars, and studies tackling issues related to the local community that are likely to help find logical solutions for its problems. This demonstrates the significance of the university's essential role in the surrounding societal environment.

  • Scientific perspective:
  • The planning for a developmental role spurs from a scientific perspective and is based on incorporating scientific management and methods in scientific research, establishing information banks, determining priorities, identifying and describing the present situation and foregrounding solutions for it. The knowledge gap is one of is one of the sources of planning weak developmental planning and implementation in Jordan. Universities are equipped to close this gap and contribute by providing qualified human resources.