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  • Developmental information system:

    • Information system:
    • Research and studies:

The centre establishes, installs and maintains providing accessible comprehensive and specialized information banks and databases concerning the conditions and characteristics of local communities. In this respect, the university will establish information banks consisting of the following:

  • Information banks: the populations' demographic, economical and social characteristics, for both individuals and families (the results of economical and social surveys undertaken by the university).
  • Database: public institutions in the governorate and their role in economical and social development.
  • Database: Civic institutions in the governorate (charitable and cooperative organizations, youth clubs and cultural groups) and the role they have in the development process.
  • Sectoral Databases: economical sectors in the governorate (industrial, service, trade, agriculture, health, education, etc.) which provides detailed information about each sector such as the number of employees and their characteristics and other indices.
  • Information bank: Developmental studies concerning the governorate of Ma'an whether funded or not and published or not.
  • Information banks: population concentrations in the governorate and the economical and social characteristics at the individual and family level of each concentration.
  • Information bank: concerned with the phenomena of poverty and unemployment in the governorate of Ma'an and Aqaba.
  • Information bank: concerned Al-badya within the governorate of Ma'an and Aqaba and consists of economical, social, population aspects and others.
  • Information bank: investments according to the sectors of the governorate and its sub-regions.

  • Women’s Network

  • The second phase requires the contribution of AHU radio station 'Sawt Al Janub’ through activation of social work to reach out to local communities and build positive relations with social groups that are highly influential in the course of social, cultural and economic change in Maan governorate.

      It has been found that there is an urgent need for the activation of the participation of women, a participation that has been marginalized in recent local developments, through providing a media forum to represent women’s interests, demands, and contribution to development.

      The major goal of this network is to provide an institutional frame through which groups of young women from towns and villages in Maan governorate could work as radio delegates in their own towns or villages to cover local development activities and focus on issues related to women, families and children, and provide AHU radio station with periodic bulletins about such issues.