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Dr.Mohammad Alnasarat


Based on the philosophy of the Jordanian Higher Education and as embodied in the goals of Al-Hussein bin Talal university in community development, the creation of the " Center for Studies, Consultations, & Community Development" came to fulfill the vision of the university in contributing to the development of local communities, and to the service of the comprehensive national development goals.

The center is based on the investment of the scientific, human and financial capabilities of the University and to directed these capability to contribute to the development community, through the employment of these capabilities in a scientific manner responsive to the facts of the surrounding environment, and to contribute to push sustainable national development, and to raise the level of productivity and community participation and to manage the positive change in order to serve the priorities of development and modernization. This is achieved through our commitment to pioneering and excellence; through working within the framework of institutional standards; through teamwork, and through providing distinctive services in a transparent and responsive manner to meet the needs of the clients in accordance with effective monitoring controls.