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The objectives of the center are summarized as follows:

  • Conducting applied scientific research that serves the goals of sustainable national development and launch specialized research programs in these areas
  • Establishing specialized scientific databases on the characteristics of local communities and their reality and make them available to decision makers and researchers.
  • Conducting quality scientific community surveys and updated them regularly, and providing technical Consultations for the various production and community sectors.
  • Providing quality communication services to the local communities in the territory of the university through benefiting from the media and developmental communication applications.
  • Contributing to upgrade performance in public and private sector institutions.
  • Implementing training programs and rehabilitation programs at the local and regional levels.
  • Contributing to the development of cognitive and technical faculties of workers in the university, and developing the university capacity in providing services to the society.
  • Contributing in preparing the university graduates for the labor market in collaboration with stakeholders, by providing them with necessary skills and providing support and training opportunities and by rehabilitating and familiarizing them with the necessary labor market and its needs.