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The centre is comprised of three departments:

  • Department of Studies and Training:

  • The mission of this department is to put forward and implement a comprehensive plan for a group of training programs in various areas of knowledge and skills which in turn contribute in meeting the needs of various groups and sectors in the territory of the university in particular and all sectors of Jordanian society at large. The department conducts studies and surveys on topics of community development; and proctors the implementation of research programs in the areas of knowledge that serve development issues in the territory of the university; regulating the university relations with other scientific and cultural organizations concerned with issues on local development. The department also establishes, operates and maintains the comprehensive and specialized information databases which are concerned with the local communities and their characteristics, and make these databases available to beneficiaries. The Department includes:

    • Training and Rehabilitation Division.
    • Studies and databases Division.
    • Consultations Division.

  • Department of Developmental Communication and Programs:
  • The Department supervises the plans of the center in the area of developmental communication through the perpetuation of the operation of the local developmental radio; and through the implementation of other programs that benefit from the developmental media applications. It also seeks to achieve the goals of the developmental local media through the dissemination of knowledge and awareness; and creating a culture-friendly development among the Jordanian youth in the province of Ma’an, as they are considered the source of energy capable of positive change and modernization; and through empowering them through the media and mass communication with the interaction and active participation in development processes, through identifying the needs, and addressing developmental social economic and cultural challenges faced by the local communities. It also seeks to develop and activate the developmental role of the Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, specifically in the areas of awareness and knowledge.

    The Department includes:

    • Division of developmental communication (Local Community Radio).
    • Division of developmental programs and projects.

  • Department of Women and Youth Development
  • The Department put up a series of community programs for the development of women and youth because of the importance of these groups in the development and leadership of the social and cultural change, The Department provides events in the dissemination of educational awareness, building faculties and institutional and community empowerment for the benefit of women and youth.
    The Department includes:

    • Division of women development programs.
    • Division of youth development programs.