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Dr. Fawzi Q Abudanah
PhD./Classical Archaeology


The Nabataean Centre for Archaeological Studies was established in March, 2004 by the University Senate. It was dedicated to studying the country's archaeological heritage, with a focus on Nabataean Studies. The Centre is housed in the campus of the College of Archaeology, Tourism and Hotel Management, Wadi Mousa.

The main motivations behind the establishment of the Nabataean Centre for Archaeological Studies are

  • al-Hussein Bin Talal University, which is located about 30 Km from the Nabataean capital, feels the responsibility of promoting an integral role in encouraging high quality academic research and promoting awareness of Nabataean heritage and its contribution to the economy of the country.

  • al-Hussein Bin Talal University seeks to foster activities pertinent to the archaeology of the Petra area and on a wider scale, the Nabataeans. The tourist potential of Petra is of fundamental importance to the Jordanian economy, being the key site within Jordan's tourist industry. Petra's contribution to the Jordanian economy will increase especially after it has become one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

  • the establishment of this research Centre will provide direct practical experience for students in all aspects of archaeological and cultural heritage management. It will provide facilities that will facilitate the conduct of post-graduate research projects in the future.