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The Centre was set up to achieve the following goals

  • Encourage collaborative researches on Nabataeans which will enhance the Centre's research profile and enriches the work of its academic staff.

  • To facilitate the research of scholars and students from all over the world through advice, consultations, collaborative projects, exchange of information and all other means.

  • To conduct lab and field studies to protect, conserve, present and manage the Nabataean archaeological sites. Through these studies, we will be able to strengthen the network for regional and international cooperation in the heritage protection and management.

  • To support and develop the research of members of the Centre's academic staff in fields relevant to the Nabataean studies.

  • To maintain a regular programme of public lectures, seminars and conferences.

  • Improve the facilities available to research students and lecturers.

  • Provide researchers and students with a stimulating research environment, supporting study across a broad range of academic disciplines within the Department of Archaeology.