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Ph.D. in Power Engineering


Renewable Energy is today’s global buzzword. It is a driving force behind billions of dollars of investment as well as a celebrated initiative that is pushing the world of today, into the future of sustainable and permanent practices. Through years of research and countless man hours, we have created many ways to harness the power of this planet without any of the devastating effects associated with the consumption of carbon based fuels. Although our progress has been astonishing, there are still great lengths that we have yet to stride. More research and training of the next generation is mandatory if we ever plan to fully utilize the plentiful energy available from sources including the sun, wind, and geothermal electricity generation.

The Renewable Energy Research and Development Center of the Maan Industrial Area will cater to these needs of this booming industry. In Maan, there is an excellent opportunity to expand the understanding of renewable energy sources. Maan benefits from one of the highest levels of solar radiation in Jordan, making it a spectacular candidate for photovoltaic solar generation. Also, in close proximity to the Al-Hussein bin Talal University, the RERDC will profit from a wealth of students and professors specializing in the field of Renewable Energies. As the RERDC will be located within the industrial park, researchers may also be able to examine real world renewable energy applications such as in the proposed photovoltaic station. This facility will provide an area for students to learn the intricacies of renewable energy as well as provide services that the community will ultimately benefit from.