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 The objectives of the center are to enhance the capacity through:

  • Promoting the implementation of the convention Raising awareness of the importance of  safeguarding ICH;
  • Reinforcing local and international cooperation;
  • Promoting safeguarding activities by utilizing information and communications technology (ICT).

The functions of the center can be summarized as follows:
  • Support the identification and documentation of ICH in the southern parts of>Jordan, recognize the specific elements constitutive of ICH and understand the processes of change of the heritage over time, by:
    • facilitating documentation of ICH disseminating know-how and providing the necessary equipment and infrastructure.
    • establishment of inventories as required by the Convention and in the preparation of nominations for the Convention's list.
  • Develop and operate educational programs and resources for the continuing transmission of ICH by:
    • developing curricula for the transmission of ICH.
    • providing training courses to professionals in safeguarding ICH.
    • developing online educational programs by utilizing ICH.
  • Enhance the dissemination of ICH to raise awareness among the public, particularly the younger generation, of the importance of ICH:
    • encourage the holding of public events such as performances and exhibitions.
    • develop cultural contents that can be used as promotional or commercial items for raising awareness. pubic relevant books and audiovisual materials on ICH.
  • Encouraging and helping public institution to adopt appropriate legal and administrative systems and to develop various policies for the protection of ICH:
    • conduct research projects on policies and systems for the implementation of the convention.
    • promote implementation of the Living Human Treasures System (LHTS).
  • Foster international and regional cooperation between relevant ICH organizations for the exchange of information and knowledge concerning the safeguarding of ICH:
    • construct an international and national network among practitioners, experts and officials in the field of ICH.
    • create and operate a pool of ICH specialists for the effective implementation of safeguarding activities.
    • build a portal website that would facilitate the connection among relevant organizations and among ICH archives already in existence.

Relevant organizations and institutions in Jordan will work in close collaboration for the smooth operation of the center. Moreover, it will exchange information with ICH specialists in order to improve the contents of the center's programs so that they incorporate the most current academic research.