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Submission Guidelines

·      The submitted research and studies to the Journal are evaluated and reviewed confidentially in accordance with the academic disciplines followed. The final acceptance of the research relies on the author’s proceeding with the amendments proposed by the reviewers. Researchers are responsible for the content of their research and studies, taking into consideration that the views included do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board of the Journal or the policy of  Al-Hussein Bin Talal University.


·      When the research is accepted for publication, all of its copyrights are exclusively reserved by the publisher (Deanship of Academic Research / Al-Hussein Bin Talal University).



·      Editorial Board reserves the right not to publish any research or study without giving reasons and their decisions are final. Also the Board may approve some appropriate adjustments that go in tandem with the policy and style of the Journal.


·       Researchers are not paid for publishing their research in the Journal.



·       The order of research in the Journal does not denote any considerations.


·      The researcher has to show whether his/her research has been taken from a master's or a doctoral thesis; this has to be shown in the margin of the title page and documented fully on one copy of the research stating the name/address of the researcher and the names of discussion committee.

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