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Instructions of issuing AHUJ

Instructions of Issuing Al-Hussein Bin Talal University’s Journal of Research

Issued by the Council of Deans in accordance with Article (8) of the scientific research statute (no. 41) for the year 2003

Article (1):

The followings are the instructions of issuing Al-Hussein Bin Talal University’s Journal of Research. They shall come into effect from the date of approval by the Council of Deans.

Article (2):

The following words and phrases, wherever used throughout, shall have the meanings assigned to them, unless the context indicates otherwise: -

University: Al-Hussein Bin Talal University

President: President of the University

Journal: Al-Hussein Bin Talal University’s Journal of Research

Editor-in-Chief: The Journal’s Editor-in-Chief

Board: The Editorial Board

Dean: Dean of the Academic Research at the University

Article (3):

The University issues an academic, indexed, peer-reviewed, and semi-annual (two issues per year) Journal under the name of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University’s Journal of Research. The Journal is published in one series that includes humanities, social and natural studies, and a variety of applied disciplines. The Journal publishes an academic research characterized by originality, innovation, investigation, and documentation.

Article (4):

A. A special account is opened at the university in order to finance the issuance of the Journal.

B. The financial resources of the Journal are as of the followings:

• Contribution by the University.

• Revenues of selling and subscriptions of the Journal’s numbers.

• Gifts and donations granted to the Journal.

C. The Journal’s budget shall be spent on specific purposes as follows: -

• Expenses of the preparation, printing, and distribution.

• Reviewers' payments.

• Any other expenses related to the Journal.

D. Spending from the budget shall be on the recommendation of The Journal’s Editor-in-Chief and the approval of the President. Spending shall be subject to the valid regulations, instructions, and the financial/administrative decisions at the University.

Article (5):

The Journal receives research, from within and outside the University, written in Arabic or in any foreign language approved by the Board. In all cases, an abstract must be provided in addition to the language research if written in foreign language. The research must not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere; the researcher has to sign a declaration when submitting his research for publication in according to a form attached to these instructions.

Article (6):

Each issue of the Journal contains, either on the internal or external cover or both, the phrase: an academic/ indexed Journal issued by the Deanship of Academic Research, the number of the folder, the number and the year of publication, and the national /international legal deposit number.

Article (7):

The Journal is supervised by an Editorial Board that is interested in social and scientific research. It consists of:

A. The Vice President / Chief.

B. The Dean of the Academic Research.

C. A representative from each of the concerned colleges; he/she shall have the rank of associate professor or above. Any college that does not have this rank may temporarily name an assistant professor to be its representative. The duration of membership is one year subject to renewal.

D. A Secretary.

Article (8):

The Board undertakes the following responsibilities: -

A. Developing the Journal's plan and style together with the requirements considered in the publication of research.

B. Accepting or rejecting the research submitted for publication.

C. Referring the research to reviewers both at home and abroad for evaluating its elements and conditions. The Board may authorize its Editor-in-Chief to do this.

D. Recommending to the Council of Deans any suggestions/ improvements that may contribute to the development of the Journal.

E. Recommending to the President any amendments needed to the instructions of the Journal.

Article (9):

A- Each Journal should have a local or international advisory board that consists of eminent experts in their fields of specialty from inside and outside Jordan. This board is selected by the Board, the recommendation of the Editor-in-Chief, and a decision issued by the President.

B- The duties of the advisory board of the Journal are as follows:

1- To assess the level and the progress of the Journal on a regular basis.

2- To provide advice to the Board in all matters relating to the Journal in terms of its policy, progress, and production.

3- To assist the Board in getting reviews or distinctive research for publication in the Journal after reviewing.

Article (10):

Every issue of the Journal shall contain the following statement/ disclaimer:

The views expressed in this issue are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board or the policy of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University.

Article (11):

A. The President, upon the recommendation of the Board, appoints a managing editor to follow up editing the Journal, implementing of print, and directing it according to the general conditions and specifications of publication.

B. The President, upon the recommendation of the Board, appoints proofreaders and administrative staff to implement the policy of the Journal and its follow-up.

C. The managing editor and the proofreaders are linked to the Editor-in-Chief.

D. The administrative staff, recruited to carry out the work of the Journal, is administratively linked to the Dean.

Article (12):

The Deanship of Academic Research undertakes the responsibilities of the Journal’s editing, publishing, and printing. It is allowed to hire experts from inside or outside the University in return for financial rewards determined by the President and the Board.

Article (13):

A- Financial rewards of the reviewers are determined by the President and upon the recommendation of the Board in accordance with the regulations.

B- The researcher will not be given a reward for the research submitted in the Journal.

C- No financial rewards are given to the Editor-in-Chief, the members of the Editorial Board, or the advisory board for their work in the Journal.

Article (14):

The University may publish special issues of the Journal that cover the proceedings of seminars or conferences held in /off-campus after being reviewed in accordance with the procedures undertaken in the Journal.

Article (15):

The University may issue private numbers of the Journal that cover uncontainable research in the Journal. This will be independent publications, as supplements to the Journal or in a series of publications of the University.

Article (16):

The following procedures must be followed when research is submitted in the Journal: -

1. Research must be sent as an e-mail to the Journal via the site of The Deanship of Academic Research. All correspondences are directed on behalf of the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.

2. The managing editor registers all correspondences and notifies the researchers on the receipt of their correspondences according to a form attached to these instructions.

3. The managing editor gives the research manuscripts special serial numbers. The manuscript number will be used throughout any further correspondences.

4. The managing editor presents all the correspondences and papers to the Editor-in-Chief. The Editor-in-Chief then presents the papers to the Editorial Board, and if approved provisionally, they are sent to two experienced and competent reviewers. The reviewers will examine the research’s authenticity, quality, presentation, and results. The Editorial Board will issue a decision of accepting or rejecting the publication of the research in accordance with an evaluation form prepared and attached for this purpose.

5. The received research papers in the Journal together with the reviewers' reports are kept in confidential files. The Editorial Board chooses an experienced and competent reviewer for each paper.

6. If a response to a research comes negative and the other positive then the research is sent to a third reviewer to resolve the conflict.

7. The managing editor presents all correspondences related to the research to the Editor-in-Chief for signing.

8. The managing editor is responsible for preparation of the meetings on the dates specified by the Editor-in-Chief. A report of the event shall be sent to the Editorial Board after the end of each session/ meeting.

9. In the case of not receiving the reviewers' reports punctually, the managing editor shows the research to the Editorial Board so that to take the necessary decisions on either a follow-up or a replacement of reviewers.

10. The managing editor prepares a list of the research approved by the Editorial Board with a paper copy for each research and a copy on a compact disc (CD), taking into account the compliance with the rules and conditions for publication in the Journal. Having finished this, the Journal is sent for printing.

11. The managing editor corresponds with the researchers to inform them of acceptance of their research for publication or apology for publication in case of a decision taken by the Editorial Board.

12. A draft of the Journal must be sent to a proofreader for scrutiny, taking into account a period of time that does not exceed two weeks.

13. The proofread Journal is referred to the managing editor for correcting any errors and directing it in the final form.

14. Both the proofreader and the managing editor ascertain a non-erroneous copy of the Journal before its approval by the Editor-in-Chief and the Dean of Academic Research.

15. The Dean of Academic Research sends the Journals’ number to the printing press for production and then uploads an electronic version on the Journal's website.

16. The Deanship of Academic Research receives the printed copies to complete the procedures of distribution and collection of subscription fees or sales.

17. When a research is published in the Journal, the date of receipt and the date when the decision of acceptance was made for publication must be indicated in a clear position in the Journal.

18. The researcher is provided with a copy of the Journal.

19. Any researcher who draws his research after being reviewed will be charged, by the Editor-in-Chief, all the amounts paid to the reviewers together with the post costs. Also the researcher will be charged if he does not respond to do the amendments required within the time period specified by the Editorial Board; the President may address the relevant authorities for the collection of the amounts to be deposited in the account of the Journal.

Article (17):

The Editor-in-Chief approves the value of the annual subscription to the Journal and the price per issue/ volume and further has the right to reduce subscription fees to faculty members, part-time lecturers, students, and staff at the University.

The Editor-in-Chief determines the number of complimentary copies (given that number does not exceed one hundred copies for each issue)

Extra copies (not sold or complimentary) of the Journal must be deposited in the University’s warehouses. A special record is created for this purpose. It is not allowed to donate, sell, and dispose those copies without the Editor-in-Chief's approval. There shall always be a complete set of the numbers of each Journal.

Article (18):

The Editorial Board issues the terms of publication and documentation style.

Article (19):

The Council of Deans shall address any matter not inclosed in the above instructions.

Article (20):

President of the University, the Editorial Board, and administrators in the Deanship of Academic Research shall be responsible for implementing the provisions of these regulations.




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